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Video League General Information

Thank you for shooting in our 2021 SUMMER VIDEO LEAGUE.  We are grateful for your business.  

In May 2017 we have updated our video shooting system to the NEWEST VERSION AVAILABLE.  This new system has solved many of the problems we have had to deal with since we purchased the system in 1992.  It is still NOT PERFECT.  Look below for known issues.  Have fun and ALWAYS let us know of any problems you experienced so we can continue to make your shooting experience better.


1) If an animal scenario is ending and going to a black screen please do not shoot an arrow at the screen.  The system will log this as a shot on the upcoming scenario and skip the next archer.

2) As explained to me by the system developer.... There are more "NO SHOT SCENARIOS" with this newer system.  Some will seem unfair but all league shooters will experience the same circumstances.

No matter what you experience please finish your entire 30 arrow round if possible and let us know what happened at the end so we can address the issue.

If for some reason the system performed in a way that you feel unfairly limited your score please talk with us about a possible reshoot at no charge.

1) The VIDEO RANGE league is designed for those who may not fit into an organized time slot. The league was designed to be the most accommodating of all leagues.

2) The VIDEO league is shot on the VIDEO RANGE once each week for the leagues duration (16 weeks)..

3) Any and all equipment can be used for the league. Although we give awards away for scratch scores this is a handicapped league so equipment and shooting style does not matter.

4) Teams will be competing for trophies for 1st, 2nd, and third place. Non-Handicap awards will be given for outstanding performance for both individuals and teams.

5) You may shoot by yourself, with your team, or with members of opposite teams.

6) Since the league is based on individual handicaps you must shoot new average if:
A-You switch from finger shooting to release shooting
B-You switch from release shooting to finger shooting
C-You switch from no sight shooting to sight shooting
D-You switch from sight shooting to no sight shooting

7) Once a round has begun it MUST be finished. If there is equipment failure bring the matter up immediately to us.

8) League fees are $10.00 per week weather you are here or not. You may shoot ahead if you cannot make a particular week. Ask how if you need to. if you do miss a week you will be expected to pay for that miss. 

9) Each week you'll shoot a 30 arrow round at a different animals. 

10) You will need to have 6 arrows each week. We will be shooting 5-arrow ends but you may need an extra arrow if there is a system malfunction. League is electronically Scored.

11) Each week you will be competing for 4 points. Three games each equal 1 point and the highest total points between the two teams competing will receive an additional point. The team at the end of the season with the Most points will win 1st place etc.

12) You may shoot an individual week more than once.  If you reshoot a week ONLY your last score can count for score.  Once we put you in for a reshoot it will wipe out your previous score.  Each reshoot requires $5.00  You can only reshoot a week that we are currently in or a future week.  You cannot reshoot weeks prior to the current week.

13) Please try to keep current or ahead of the week we are shooting but feel free to make up any missed weeks. Wins and losses are calculated each week.  Please understand if a player makes up a missed week it might affect previously posted wins and losses.  My goal is to have everyone complete every week of the league.

AUGUST 31st, 2020 @ 6:00PM

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