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The New WEST TOWN ARCHERY!  Come in and take a look.


West Town Archery ran the 5 day archery novelty/tournament at the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Sport Show this spring and had over 900 participants.  We gave away roughly $1600.00 in prizes and a good time was had by all.


West Town Archery ran a kids shooting booth at the Milwaukee Sentinel/Journal Sport Show this spring and introduced archery to over 2,000 new archers.


We are getting real close.  All painting should be done this week including the exterior and resurfacing and striping the lot this weekend.  The last 3 weeks we have been at the mercy of subcontractors and their schedules and as you can imagine it has been a stressful time.  The workers, if not as fast as we have hoped are doing an excellent job and the place looks great.  Click on the photos below for a larger picture.


West Town Archery is now in storage awaiting it's final move to the new store...... more to come.....


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