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At West Town Archery we teach intermediate lessons when we get a group of 8 or more "like minded" archers together.

Intermediate lessons are not only about more advanced shooting skills than beginner classes but also about all the things associated with a particular type of archery.  

As an example a hunter needs to learn how to effectively shoot from elevated positions to a partially obstructed target.  A target archer needs to to build a shot sequence that will be exactly the same so they can reproduce the "perfect shot".  

An intermediate class for target archers would be very different from a group of people wanting to hunt.

If you are interested in an intermediate class for a specific category of archery please email and in the body of the message please tell me:

1) What type of archery you are interested in pursuing 
          (Hunting, 3-D Target, Indoor Target, Olympic Archery, etc)

2) Please include contact information

When I get a group of "like minded" archers together I will contact you with  time and pricing.


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