YOU MUST BE ENTERED in our contest PRIOR to shooting a deer you wish to register here.  Please stop in to the shop and enter our contest any open hours.

To register a buck or doe in our contest you can always come into the shop with your information and we will take care of you in person.  We will also take a picture of you and your buck at the shop if you stop in with it.  If that is not possible please follow the instructions below to register your deer in our contest and to send us a picture.

We  would appreciate a tasteful picture of you and your buck to display on our contest wall.  All pictures must have you and the deer clearly depicted.  

After you have registered your deer for our contest with the form below, please send us a picture of your trophy and your name to fred@westtownarchery.com  Please put 2022 deer contest in the subject line!

Thanks & CONGRATULATIONS on your trophy! 


First & Last Name

Date of Kill 

Buck or Doe 

How Many Points (if buck) 

DNR Registration Number

Phone Number

-Contest ends January 8th 2023. All registered deer entries must be in by January 14th, 2023.
-We will score racks from January 21st - January 27the for the BIGGEST BUCK potential winner.
-All 14 prize DRAWINGS and the announcement of the BIGGEST BUCK winner will take place on:
Saturday, January 28th 2023 at 4:00pm at WEST TOWN ARCHERY

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