ATTENTION CARPSHOOTERS the 28th Annual Green bay Carpshoot is scheduled for SATURDAY JUNE 3rd 2023 in Green Bay Wisconsin. 

This is a tournament like no other.  All money collected for tournament goes back into tournament.  Prizes are awarded for heaviest and lightest fish only. 

This is NOT a tournament for the most fish!!  Winners typically shoot 30lb fish or bigger.  1st place usually $300.00 or more!  DON'T MISS THIS ONE! 

Where to Shoot:
Green Bay Wisconsin and all connecting waters. 
     SATURDAY, June 3rd, 2023 Sunup to 3:00pm (weigh-in from 3-4pm only)
Where to Weigh in: 
      Suamico River Boat Launch (in overflow lot), North of Green Bay  (See Map Here)
Entrance Fee:
$20.00 (You must pay a $20.00 registration fee BEFORE you go to the shoot. SEE BELOW)
Fish Disposal:  

All carp shot MUST be collected by the shooters and disposed of properly.  It is illegal to let dead or dying fish go back into the water. 

A Private Contractor has graciously donated the carp disposal for this years event.


For every $20.00 Entry Fee Paid, $15 will go to the purse and $5 will go to disposal fees.  Advanced Disposal donates the Dumper, droppoff and pickup fees but we are responsible for disposal fees charged by the landfill the fish get dumped into.   The purse money collected for the tournament is paid back on a percentage basis.

1st Place 
2nd Place 
3rd Place 

Heaviest Gar 
Lightest Carp 
Six Drawings 


Of Total Purse
Of Total Purse
Of Total Purse

Of Total Purse
Of Total Purse
Of Total Purse


Registration Information

You must pay a $20.00 registration fee BEFORE you go to the shoot.  No registration will be available after 5:00pm FRIDAY JUNE 2nd.  Once registered you can go and shoot carp in Green Bay by boat or by wading and all you need to do to win is bring your heaviest carp to the weigh-in site no later than 4 pm.  All fish are weighed between 3 and 4pm.  Money paid out immediately after the weigh-in.  No one involved in this tournament takes any financial benefit from it.  We are just carp shooters like yourself that like a little healthy competition.  Good Luck and have fun!!!

Participants will not get an actual ticket like in the past. You  must pre-register before FRIDAY JUNE 3rd no later than 5:00pm and at the weigh-in we will have tickets for you to fill out for door prizes and fish weight information. 

If a participant registers at West Town Archery in person:

You will be charged $20.00 cash or check for each participant or $21.00 if you use a credit card

If a participant registers over the phone ( 262-923-7444):

$21.00 credit card payment for each participant

If a participant wants to mail payment:

You can send payment by check or money order for $20.00 for each participant.  Make sure you  include name/address/phone number with payment.  Make sure that the payment is mailed in time to for us to receive it by FRIDAY JUNE 3rd.

Send check or money order to:

West Town Archery
Green Bay Carpshoot
4135 N 126th
Brookfield, WI 53005



  • West Town Archery
    4135 N 126th Street
    Brookfield, WI 53005
    Fred J Schaffhauser

  • West Town Archery Club
    4135 N 126th Street
    Brookfield, WI 53005
    AL Jeske


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