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  • Al Jeske (Interim President)
  • email: ajeske@wi.rr.com
  • cell: 262-930-6091 (text/call)
Club Meeting Wednesday 5-18-2022 8:00pm
12-19-2021 5pm:  The informal meeting tonight was to introduce the WEST TOWN ARCHERY club to the invited members that could attend.  From here on out all meetings will follow Robert's Rules of Order.
In the meeting we covered a few points...
  • Al Jeske is the acting president of the club until the election of board members which will be conducted during our annual meeting next December.  There will be 2 meetings to attend each year.  One in May and one in December
  • The basic board member structure is... President/Vice-President/Treasurer & 2 members from WTA inc. (Fred & Rob Schaffhauser will be the 2 board members from WTA inc.) There will be committee members for club sponsored events.
  • Yearly Fees $25 and 15 work hours (10 work hours to be performed at sportshow shoots. 5 for km, carpshoot etc)  Please pay these dues in cash by January 15th 2022 at West Town Archery to Fred or Rob.
  • With your membership comes a club shirt, hat and decal.  A 6-hour free shooting pass.  Discount on future shooting passes.
  • Like all clubs, the club can collect revenue from events it sponsors and administrates.
  • Please contact Al Jeske to be part of the Sportshow shoot committee ASAP.
  • Please contact Al Jeske to help plan our first Friday Night Club Gathering on 1/28/2022.  Some Ideas..... Club members can bring a friend, spouse etc., pot luck??
  • We will use this "MEMBERS AREA" of West Town's website to post club info for now. We thought email was best to communicate for now but....?  Club should have a FaceBook page.  Fred will create, anyone want to manage it?
Established Club Events
  • West Town Archery Badgerland Pro-Am & West Town Archery Bowhunter Challenge at the Milwaukee Sentinel/Journal Sportshow.   This event is in March yearly.  This year it runs from March 10th-13th
  • Green Bay Carpshoot This event is the first Saturday in June, yearly
  • Corn Roast Picnic August yearly??
  • KM Indoor Shoot  We try to host this event in December annually
  • Club Bowhunt (pheasant) December - February?? annually
  • Monthly Club Gathering and shooting Friday evenings 5:00pm to ??
West Town Archery Club Overview
The objects and purposes for which this club is formed are:
  • To foster and direct the sport of archery in all its phases.
  • To be affiliated with the Wisconsin Archery Association (WAA), the National Field Archery Association (NFAA), Wisconsin Bowhunters (WBH), Wisconsin Bucks and Bear Club and the Pope and Young Club.
  • To provide and maintain grounds, equipment, and facilities for which to enjoy archery.
  • To promote acquaintance, friendship, and fellowship.
Whereas no part of the net income of the club shall inure to the benefit of any private member or individual. No member, trustee, officer, or employee of the organization shall receive or be lawfully entitled to receive any income of any kind except reasonable compensation for service for effecting one or more of its purposes.
(preliminary draft 9-8-2021)
**Currently, we are forming this club with a limited number of members.  Once established, as our capabilities increase so will our membership numbers.

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