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Over our last 50 years of doing business we have sold most every major brand of archery equipment in the industry.  Today there is more archery equipment to choose from than at any time in history and we at West Town Archery strive to stock the best of what is available.  Below is a list of manufactures that we regularly stock.  

Although we might not stock every product a company makes we usually can special order that product for you.  Being one of archery's largest retailers we might even be able to order you that special product you are looking for even if the company is not listed below.


Bow Companies


Crossbow Companies


Arrow Companies

Easton Victory Red Feather Carbon Express

Sight Companies

IQ Vital Bow Gear Trophy Ridge Impact
Eotech Sureloc Toxonics HHA
G5 Copper John Extreme Dead Nuts
Limb Saver Cobra FUSE

Arrow Rest Companies

Q.A.D. HHA Whisker Biscuit Mathews
N.A.P. Cavalier Bear Trophy Taker

Quiver Companies

Kwikee Bohning Rancho Safari Neet
Mountain Kolpin Fuse Mathews
Limbsaver TRU GLO

Release Aid Companies

Jim Fletcher Tru Fire Tru Ball Winn
Cobra Carter Stanislawski

Tree Stand & Accessory Companies

Ameristep Gorilla Lone Wolf Rivers Edge
Warren & Sweat Summit Ol Man Big Game
Remington API Loc On

Target Companies

McKenzie Morrell G-Mac Stanley Hips
A.I.M. R & W Saunders Rhinehart

Stabilizer Companies

Quiet Tune Simms Cobra Doinker
Cartel Easton K-Tech Axion

Broadhead  Companies

RAGE Muzzy Thunderhead Steel Force
Magnus Game Tracker Montec Zwicky
Arrowdynamic Solutions Toxic G5 Rocky Mountain

Misc. Companies

Big Bull Steiner Spyderco Bitzenberger
Apple Brunton RMC Whitewater
AMS Retriever Shure Shot

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