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Hello,  My name is Fred J Schaffhauser and I am one of the owners of West Town Archery and the teacher of our Advanced Archery Classes.  I have been teaching our classes her since 1983.  I was fortunate to win back to back Indoor Nationals as a freestyle shooter and am an avid bowhunter and target archer. More importantly, I have taught thousands of archers and have setup and tuned over a thousand bows.  I'm good at what I do.

At the beginning of a session after asking what you perceive the problems to be, I will evaluate your form by watching you shoot a few arrows.  This will give me most of the information I will need to start to correct problems and put you on a path to succeed at whatever form of archery you are pursuing.  We can work on form issues, tuning problems, etc.  

I teach advanced 1 on 1 lessons at a rate of $50.00 for a 1-hour session,  at a time that works for both of us.  

If you are interested in 1-hour advanced lesson please email me at:  

In the body of the message please describe what you would like to work on and your availability and I will get back to you to schedule a time.  Please include your contact information. 


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